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Hydraulic Fittings and Adapters are the pieces that aid in changing the direction of the flow of liquids, gases, or changing the volume of the liquid or fluid, connecting different components of the piping or tubing systems to control the pressure, and are used in several applications such as mining, machinery, and equipment, vehicles, etc. They are considered suitable for high-pressure applications and have rust and corrosion-resistant properties and meet international standards and quality certifications. Echelon carries Hydraulic FittingsAdapters, and Couplers that work with any type of hydraulic system with any pressure rating requirements. We provide over 1500 different one-piece and two-piece couplings and adapters, both permanent and reusable, or field-attachable options, made from materials such as plated steel, brass, 316 Stainless, and more. From application-specific systems to versatile fluid compatibility, the most productive hose systems start with the safest and most durable Fittings, Adapters, and Couplers.