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Why use Metal Hose? Metal hoses can withstand temperature extremes. They can handle a wider variety of chemicals in the media being conveyed and the environment. Metal hose will not allow gas permeation through the hose wall when properly fabricated. With a metal hose system, there is less chance of catastrophic failure because components are welded vs. crimped or clamped fittings. Additionally, metal hoses with welded fittings eliminate the multiple threaded connections of other types of hoses, eliminating the potential leakage points of multiple hose connections. Metal hoses will maintain their shape under full vacuum, unlike non-metallic hoses, making collapse less likely to occur with a metal hose system. Metal Hoses are naturally fire-resistant (unless a fitting contains a non-metallic seal) and maintain integrity up to 1200º F. Corrugated metal hoses are the best choice for any application where the hose may be exposed to open flames.

Echelon Supply offers Metal Hose Assemblies and Expansion Joints for use in Oil Refining, Steel Manufacturing, Petrochemical 
Plants, Chemical Plants, Cryogenics & LNG Transfer, Pulp & Paper Plants, Marine & Shipbuilding applications, Utilities & Power Generation, Bulk Material Handling , and Water Treatment. 

Echelon Supply and Service is a premier supplier of Flexible Metal Hoses and Expansion Joints (EJs). Echelon has a full weld shop with two ASME-certified welders in our Houston location ready to fabricate any metal hose for any application.

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